Jennifer Rose


Jennifer Rose was raised in Lake Orion, MI where riding horses was no stranger to her, even as a small child. By the time she was only seven, she was competing in the hunter/jumper discipline taking home the gold! By 15, the walls in Jens bedroom were painted by blue and red ribbons, lightly speckled with white.  Always a hard worker, she decided purchase her first horse using money earned working in an old backyard barn nestled deep in the country. By 18, Jennifer was scouted to go professional. Her days were soon filled teaching horseback riding lessons, running summer camps, breaking horses, and even retraining old racehorses off the track, which eventually paid her way through college. 


After graduating college Jennifer Rose moved to Virginia in pursuit of further advancing her knowledge and experience as an equine professional. It was at this time that Jennifer decided to explore the medical aspect of horses, and bravely undertook this change in concentration. For the next three years Jennifer Rose studied equine medicine with firsthand field experience. Jennifer was employed by The Oaks Equine as a veterinary technician, one of the largest equine veterinarians in the Tidewater region.   



Jennifer Rose was contacted by a well known breeding farm which housed national level champion show horses. The farm asked Jennifer to come work for them, breaking young horses and training them under saddle. Following her heart and a deep rooted passion for training horses, Jennifer Rose made it her main focus once more.



Jennifer Rose decided to start her own full time training program. The scope of her work encompassed teaching students and training horses specializing in hunter/jumper. Starting young horses under saddle, teaching liberty work unbridled and & trick training were also areas of Jennifer's main focus.


Jennifer Rose obtained her Harmony Horsemanship certification. Jennifer is always striving to better herself by and riding with fellow trainers and attending/hosting clinics. She has ridden with clinicians such as Lindsey Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship and Olympic silver medalist Greg Best. Jennifer has attended clinics with well-known horsemanship trainers such as Clinton Anderson, Craig Cameron, Brendan Wise and Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer Ben Albright. Jennifer has also been doing work for US warmblood breeders, bringing their young horses along and attending shows & breed inspections along the east coast. 


Jennifer embarked on a developing a joint training program with Lindsey Partridge (legends champion in mustang training challenge & two time international thoroughbred makeover champion)  for Lindsey's feral mustang that originated in Antelope Valley, NV, now boarding at Jennifer's facility. Lindsey put the care and training of her mustang in the hands of Jennifer until she can be brought back to Canada where Lindsey resides. Upon Lindsey's departure from the Harmonia Equestrian she exclaimed, "my mustang could not have ended up in a better place, or in better hands." 


Jennifer Rose is now saughtout horse trainer, having served clients from Canada to Mexico, California to Florida. Jennifer's intuition, patience and loving demeanor provides her with the natural ability to train horses. Her methods are kind and gentle—using the horses language to achieve a connection while also creating a fun environment by using positive reinforcement.


Jennifer Rose has a hunger. A hunger to always do better. Better by the horse, better by the client, and bettering herself. She has the humility to not have to be “the best” and to continue an education from “the best.” In a recent lesson at Jennifer's facility being taught by Grand Prix Dressage rider & trainer Ben Albright, Ben said in observation of Jen riding; “I have nothing to say, Jen! I have nothing to say!” Ben then muttered to spectators, “Look at her…just look at her…everything I told her to do yesterday, she’s mastered today… I have nothing left to say.” 

Jennifer simply smiled with gratitude and carried on with what she was doing. And that is, what she was born to do.